Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lessons from Packerland

I was at the Packers/Bears game at Lambeau Field last weekend. It is a really great atmosphere, and I highly recommend that you go to a game if given the opportunity. Even if you aren't a football fan, you will marvel at the fans, the camaraderie, and the bold colors of the stadium.
In fact, it will likely cause you to reflect on how much better the world and each of our societies would be if we just acted more like the fans at Lambeau Field on a Sunday afternoon...

  • Love thy neighbor : When you go to Lambeau, you will share a row with fifty odd people. Chances are you'll need to climb over fifteen or so total strangers on the way to your seats and sit on a patch of aluminum that is too small. If you don't know your seat mate, you soon will. Touching is not an option. It's a requirement. You'll spend the bulk of the game jostling for shoulder and elbow room leaning forward and backward looking for an opening as if you were doing some kine of slow motion country line dance.

    Of course, 72,927 other people are in the same exact position. And the beautiful thing is there is no fuss. The gravy in these cozy arrangements is the fact that each row becomes its own food distribution network for the vendors. The network is a well-oiled machine passing beverages and money back and forth without one complaint. Everyone is there to help one another.

  • Ignore small mistakes : Being so close to your neighbor along with the inevitable need to exit and enter the rows means bumps happen. Toes are stepped on. Shoulders are leaned on. Food is spilled. And everything is greeted with a smile and a laugh.

    When was the last time you found a smile when you bumped into someone on the subway?

  • Orderly conduct : There is no better example of calm, orderly behavior than in the restrooms. Since everyone is watching every snap of the ball, there are very small windows of opportunity where fans are using the urinals. The lines stretch well outside the restrooms. You'd be amazed at how straight the lines are; how little pushing, and cutting takes place. Everyone simply abides by the rules of road.

    Imagine what the commute home would feel like if everyone just got in line and waited their turn for the urinal?

  • Beers and brats : If we all ate more beers and brats we'd be a happier bunch.

  • A united cause : Everyone in the stadium is riding on the same train. The green and gold train that cheers for the first downs, screams for the touchdowns, and groans for the fumbles. It's a wonderful site to see so many people with the same ambitions and goals.

    The world would accomplish great things if we all set our sites on the same goals.


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