Friday, July 10, 2009

More Posterous goodies

As I mentioned earlier, it's pretty easy to access the Posterous API from within Sharendipity. Not only can you take advantage of the Posterous wizard to build your own embeddable widget that streams your photos, but you can also build your own Posterous applications from scratch!

I've published the core components used in the original slideshow widget which means you can operate with a new layer of abstraction that removes the need to understand how their API operates under the hood. Just search the explorer for "posterous" and you'll find the following components that can be reused by simply dragging them into your application.

  • Posterous Service - blog reader is the primary web service component that interfaces with the reading API. This service has one method, getPosts(), which will return an array of blog posts. When you initially use the service, you will be prompted to identify the Posterous you'd like to read. This value - along with the number of posts to read - can be configured programatically as well.

  • Posterous Blog Post is a data structure that encapsulates the post elements returned by the Posterous API. This includes the title, description, post date, an array of media elements, etc.

  • Posterous media is a data structure that encapsulates the media elements returned by the Posterous API. Currently, this data structure only supports the media of type "image".

Currently, these three components all work together. The getPosts() method of the Posterous Service - blog reader service will return an array of Posterous Blog Post objects and each of these may contain an array of Posterous media objects.

I'm hoping to add support for video and sound elements as well, but right now there are some limitation within Sharendipity for how these are played. Send me your thoughts and let me know how you'd like to access your Posterous outside of their website.

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  1. Thanks for your evangelism, Greg. We're very thankful to have great people involved in Posterous like you!