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Congratulations on the Ning Appathon win!

We won the Ning Appathon!

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We’re really excited to be the winners of the first Ning Appathon today. We won for the best “ported application” category and received a cool $4,000!

Ning had a pretty prestigious group judging the contest…

Submissions for our weeklong competition were judged by Wired Editor-in-chief and DIY Drones Network Creator Chris Anderson, Ning Chairman and Co-founder Marc Andreessen, and blogger and Managing Director of building43 Robert Scoble. The competition began on Nov. 5 with all submissions due on Nov. 12. The entrants were judged on creativity, usability, how well they integrate with Ning Networks, viral features, and usefulness.

It’s more than just an app

One of things we’re most excited about is the transformation we went through as part of this project. This is much more than just a Ning app for us. After all, Ning users have long been able to post their Sharendipity creations inside Ning using the standard embed code.

When we decided to go after this prize, we set the bar very high. We wanted to syndicate the entire software development process. To provide a set of tools that let anyone run their own development site.

This will mean that a teacher can create a template that allows her students to develop their own interactive study guides. And a niche gaming network can run their own game creation contest. All from within their own website, blog, or Ning network.

We aimed to build one application that delivered the creation tools, community aggregation tools, and a means for individual users to interact with their own creations – all in a nice bundle and tightly integrated with the OpenSocial standard. We’re thrilled that Ning recognized us for this achievement!


There’s more to come!

The Ning community provides us with an awesome opportunity to explore niche, custom software development. We’re excited to see what kinds of applications they can create now that the barrier for software creation has been significantly lowered.

Over the next several weeks we’ll talk more about how our tools can be syndicated outside of And we’ll help the Ning users leverage our platform to do even more. We’d like to give them the tools to submit their own software to the Ning application directory.

Here’s the official Ning press release.

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  1. nice job guys! What did Marc have to say about your app?

  2. Congrats! Sounds like a knowledgeable group of judges. Keep up the good work!

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Here's the blog post from Sharendipity announcing the Ning Appathon contest win. Congratulations!

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