Friday, December 4, 2009

Five uses for Ringerous

To celebrate being named one of the Best New Mashups over at Programmable Web this week, I'm going to list the top five use cases for Ringerous.

Family blogging

This was the original intention of the service. My extended family uses Posterous to share news, photos, and video with one another all over the country. I wanted to get the youngest and oldest in the family involved as well without the need to email. Now my kids are calling in to the blog from their sporting events and from the backyard to announcement their latest and greatest personal achievements. All in their own voices.

Mobile blogging (for the rest of us)

There are a couple billion people in the world with mobile phones and only a fraction of them are smart phones. Ringerous has proven to be a great mobile blogging tool for the rest of us.

Podcasting in the classroom

In classrooms, Posterous can be a great resource for collaboration projects. When those projects involve story telling, interviews, or reporting, Ringerous is a good medium for recording and sharing it. Combine this with the drop-dead simple podcasting you can do with iTunes, and you get a great distribution model for the students and teachers as well.

Bring emotion to your posts

Blogging is a great way to communicate and share stories, but text and pictures often don't tell the whole story. Sometimes, there's no better way to capture the excitement (or despair) of a moment than hearing the voice of friends and loved ones.

Public voicemail

I'm waiting for someone to create topical, public voicemail boxes with Ringerous. Perhaps an inbox for Santa so you can tell him what you want for Christmas!? :)
How are you using Ringerous?


  1. Greg,Appreciate the app. I stumbled upon it while trying to setup Trilio with my Wordpress blog. Like you, I'm a bit of a tools developer, though I am NOT a programmer. Right now I am working on new stuff for use in Real-Estate, my second part time job. I also write a technology column for, a syndicated blog for Realtors.

  2. I'm glad you're finding it useful. Feel free to send any feedback you have.