Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mini CEOship - advice from Mark Pincus

There was a great Corner Office interview with Mark Pincus in today's New York Times.

In it, he talks about a technique he's used where he required everyone to become a mini-CEO for something important within the company.

I’d turn people into C.E.O.’s. One thing I did at my second company was to put white sticky sheets on the wall, and I put everyone’s name on one of the sheets, and I said, “By the end of the week, everybody needs to write what you’re C.E.O. of, and it needs to be something really meaningful.” And that way, everyone knows who’s C.E.O. of what and they know whom to ask instead of me. And it was really effective. People liked it. And there was nowhere to hide.

While his reasoning is primarily based on his own management bandwidth, I suspect it has an awesome effect on company culture. I love this idea and plan to steal it.

The full interview is here.

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