Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Marathon training checkin, April 2010

The marathon training is off to a good start. At the end of March, I've logged 50 miles with another chance to do more today. I've been pretty good about getting on the road three days a week.

It's still early and I have yet to launch into a real training regime, but I've already convinced myself of the keys to success. I think there are two things between me and the marathon finish line...

1. Staying healthy. This means taking care not to strain something or screw up my joints during my training.

2. Mental toughness. Not quitting is an important skill that can be applied to lots of different things in life. And when you get to mile 18 and you're uncomfortable, hot and irritable, I expect that quitting will be an appealing option. But like most things, it's rarely the right option. After all, if running a marathon were easy, everyone would be doing it.

I've decided that the actual physical preparation is trivial given the above, and that anyone (anyone!) can prepare their body to run 26 miles given enough time.

So I've mentally moved past any concern over being ready physically and I'm focused on (a) staying healthy during training and (b) preparing myself to not quit when things feel bad and uncomfortable.

How do I actually do this? Not sure yet, but I think the slow and steady approach to my preparation is good for avoiding injuries as is avoiding riskier activities like basketball and mosh pits. I think I'm well ahead on the mental part already just because I've done hideously long, grueling and persistent swimming activities (I swam more than five miles before and that defines "not quitting").

Here's to cranking things up in April! You can follow my progress on a new site I just started using and am really impressed with - dailymile.

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