Sunday, October 2, 2011

I just canceled my data plan

... and here are some of the good things that I expect to happen:
  1. I'll be more engaged when I'm with my kids

  2. I'll have more money in pocket each month

  3. I'll spend more time writing

  4. I'll spend more time reading books

  5. I'll text more with my family

  6. I'll think more about the things needing thinking about

  7. I'll talk to more strangers when I'm waiting in lines

  8. I'll build more Twilio apps that give me access to apps via SMS

  9. I'll be unplugged from work
And here are the bad things that I expect will happen:
  1. When I'm traveling, I'll get lost more without the benefit of Google Maps in my pocket

  2. I'll post fewer mobile photos that I think others would enjoy

  3. I'll miss out on serendipitous information flow I get on Twitter 

  4. My Twilio bill will go up with more SMS apps getting built

  5. I'll be unplugged from work (yes, that is double-edged)
It's only been two hours but it feels good so far. Text me in two weeks and ask me how I feel then. :)